Classical language courses struggle to find takers in universities of Bihar – education

Despite the fact that the admission process for undergraduate courses at state universities is coming to an end, there are few candidates for classical language courses, while there is a large influx of conventional and vocational popular courses.

At the University of Patna (PU), only two students have entered the Sanskrit department against 40 authorized seats in three constituent colleges, while all the seats allocated to the Arabic (10), Persian (15), Bengali (10) language and Maithili (25) are lying vacant this year.

Even Hindi has managed to fill only 47% of the authorized seats, while 90% of the seats are vacant in the Urdu department.

A similar trend could be seen at the University of Patliputra (PPU), which concluded the admissions process for undergraduate courses on Friday.

PPU has allocated 461 Sanskrit seats in Patna’s constituent colleges, of which 402 are still vacant.

Of the 71 Maithili seats, 61 are vacant. More than 90% of the seats allocated to Bengali, Bhojpuri, Magahi and Persian are vacant.

When contacted by Sadique Hussain, head of the Persian postgraduate department at PU, she said: “Students do not have many opportunities at school level to learn classical languages ​​and therefore gradually lose interest. Also, in recent years, changes have been made to educational policies that restrict those who choose Urdu from switching to Persian after enrollment. “

“Classical language courses have great potential for jobs in the field of tourism and translation. We have placed our hope in the new National Education Policy (NEP) which has given great importance to classical languages. NEP implementation is likely to revive classical languages ​​from the school level, ”he said.

Meanwhile, a PU official said: “We have published the seventh list of merits for admission to BA courses. We received 10,608 applications for BSc, which was the highest among all courses, followed by BCom for which more than 4,000 students applied this year ”.

Patna University


Total seats: 40

Vacancy seat: 38


Total seats: 10

Vacancy seat: 10


Total seats: 25

Vacancy seat: 25


Total seats: 10

Vacancy seat: 10


Total seats: 15

Vacancy seat: 15


Total seats: 85

Vacancy seat: 39


Total seats: 40

Vacant places: 36

University of Patliputra (Patna region)


Total seats: 461

Vacant places: 402


Total seats: 71

Vacant places: 61


Total seats: 37

Vacant places: 31


Total seats: 9

Vacant places: 8


Total seats: 9

Vacant places: 8


Total seats: 14

Vacant seats: 13


Total seats: 62

Vacant places: 37


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