‘Challenge evaluation’ comes into force in UP state varsities - education

‘Challenge evaluation’ comes into force in UP state varsities – education

A uniform ‘challenge assessment’ system has been implemented in all Uttar Pradesh state universities, including Prof Rajendra Singh State University (Rajju Bhaiya) and Uttar Pradesh Rajarshi Tandon Open University (UPRTOU), which are located in Prayagraj.

Uttar Pradesh has 17 state universities, 29 private universities, and 10 supposedly universities. Then there are the universities that function under them. As such, thousands of students studying at these institutions will be affected by the implementation of this new system.

With the new system in place, while students dissatisfied with their grades will be able to challenge the assessment, action will also be taken against insensitive examiners.

Students will challenge their assessment in two stages. In the first phase, they will see the scanned copy of the answer sheet and in the second phase, the student will be able to challenge the assessment. To request to view a scanned copy of your answer sheet online, an examinee will have to submit Rs 300 per questionnaire, and if you are not satisfied with the marks given by the examiner, you can request the second phase by depositing a fee of Rs 2,500 per questionnaire .

The online application for the first phase must be made within 30 days of the declaration of results. For the second phase, the student must submit their request within 45 days after the publication of the result.

The department head will prepare a panel of four experts on the subject and the rector and exam controller from the respective university will select two experts. The expert in the field will be selected by a committee made up of the CV. In addition, the scores given by the original examiner will be hidden before placing the answer book in front of the expert so that the expert can evaluate it without bias.

Following the implementation of this system, which came into effect following recent orders from the governor’s secretary, who is the chancellor of all state universities, measures will be taken against insensitive examiners.

The examiner will be notified if there is more than 20% change in the score given by him / her on re-evaluation of an answer sheet.

If more than three such incidents from an examiner are found in the same document, full remuneration from the evaluation of the question document in question will be withheld, officials said. If there are more than five of those cases, the examiner will be barred for two years, they added.

If 10 cases are found in the same examiner’s questionnaire, he or she will be excluded and an adverse entry will be made in your personal statement book.

“Until now there was only the scrutiny provision, in which only the grades awarded were added again to determine an error in the tabulation. But this is a “re-evaluation” of the answer sheet in which the student can challenge the fact that they have been awarded fewer grades and a panel of two separate examiners, appointed by a vice chancellor, will evaluate the copy and award the grades. separately. The average of the grades they give will be the new ones, ”explained UPRTOU VC KN Singh, who currently also serves as VC of Prof Rajendra Singh State University (Rajju Bhaiya).

Singh further added that grades will be changed only if there is a difference of more than 20% and if the deviation is less than 20%, there will be no change in the overall grades awarded to a student.


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