BJP to hold 25 webinars to push idea of ‘one nation, one election’

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BJP to hold 25 webinars to push ‘one nation, one choice’ idea

The BJP will organize about 25 webinars over the next few days on the theme of “one nation, one choice” as it seeks to generate popular support for what has been a strong platform for Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Party sources said its senior leaders, as well as members of the academy and the legal fraternity, will attend these ‘webinars’, seminars that are held online.

“We plan to hold 25 webinars by the end of this month,” said a party leader.

Since coming to power in 2014, Modi has often advocated holding all elections together, from the Lok Sabha to state assemblies and local bodies, arguing that this will orient various elected bodies entirely toward development, already that the current cycle of frequent surveys across the country makes work difficult.

Recently, while addressing the closing session of the 80th All India Board Conference, the prime minister had proposed “one nation, one choice”, saying it is India’s need, as the elections that are done every few months have an impact on development.

“Elections are held in different places every few months and everyone knows the impact they have on development works. Therefore, it is essential to have an in-depth study and deliberation on ‘one nation, one choice’,” he had Modi said.


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