Balbharti mulls over a proposal to publish workbooks – education

To ensure that state board students have access to more learning resources, Balbharti, the state publications office, is mulling over a proposal to publish workbooks for all subjects in all classes.

While a final decision has not yet been made, Balbharti is exploring options to make more supplemental learning material available to students through its publications. “Currently, private publishers print workbooks in all grades, but there are several instances of errors in these books that have been reported in the past. Therefore, we are verifying the feasibility of creating workbooks for students that provide enough supplemental learning material and practice content for each subject, ”said Dinkar Patil, Principal of Balbharti. The publications office is also working on printing math and science hands-on books for students in classes 9-12.

Teachers said the measure would benefit a large number of students on the state board. “If implemented, it will be useful for students who would otherwise have to purchase expensive workbooks and other reference material from private publishers. There will also be a standardization of material in all schools in the state, ”said the principal of a suburban school.

In 2012, the editorial office developed a copyright policy to end the commercialization of education. Private publishers who wish to reproduce content from Balbharti textbooks can request it with three types of licenses: print, tutorial and digital with a designated fee and can only publish content after obtaining approval from Balbharti to do so. Similarly, the office currently has PDF versions of textbooks for all classes and media hosted on its website for free download.


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