Attendance drops in Uttarakhand schools as many teachers test Covid positive – education

Attendance has decreased in Uttarakhand schools from the day the schools reopened until Friday, as many teachers have tested positive for Covid-19 in the state.

Mukul Kumar Sati, additional director of secondary education in the Kumaon region of the state, said: “We have not obtained 100% attendance since schools in the state reopened. In the early days, schools reported better attendance compared to the end of the week. Initially, between 30 and 40 students in class 10-12 attended classes on average per school, but now it has been reduced to less than 20.

The state government is considering testing for all students studying in the state, but the final decision will be made after looking at logistical issues, such as the availability of test kits and how to cover students from remote areas.

R Meenakshi Sundaram, the state education secretary, said the education department is in talks with the health department to resolve logistical problems.

“Testing is mandatory for all students returning to boarding schools as the number of students is limited and they would travel from out of state, but for day schools, testing for all students is a bit difficult due to the Number of students. We have about a lakh of students and teachers in just classes 10 and 12. For testing we have to check the availability of the test kits and then how to reach each and every student in the most remote areas. Many of these issues need to be considered before making a final decision, but we will make sure the studios are not affected by this, ”Sundaram said.

He added that the district magistrates have been given the authority to respond to the call to close schools in their respective areas as appropriate.

“We are continuously monitoring the situation and in contact with all the district magistrates. If there is an increase in cases in a certain area, then the contact can be traced and the decision on school closings will be made by area rather than a statewide decision, ”added the secretary.


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