Asaduddin Owaisi AIMIM MLAs Akhtarul Iman meet Bihar cm Nitish Kumar

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Chief Minister of Bihar Nitish Kumar

Asaduddin Owaisi’s five AIMIM MLAs in Bihar met with Chief Minister Nitish Kumar in Patna on Thursday, but dismissed speculations of political realignment. They mocked the ruling JD (U) -BJP combine harvesters in Bihar, likening them to a family in which the members lacked compatibility but were unwilling to part ways.

AIMIM MLA Akhtarul Iman, who also heads the party’s unit in the state where he caused a sensation in the recent assembly elections by winning five seats, made the ironic comment after a meeting with the prime minister.

Iman, who was previously with Chief Ministers JD (U), was accompanied by the other four MLAs from his new political abode.

“There are families in which people cannot coexist peacefully but are not ready to break ties either. This causes children to become lost.”

“Similar is the case here. The ‘kheench-taan’ (tug of war) at the political level has driven the bureaucracy to go crazy,” Iman said without mentioning JD (U) or BJP by name.

He answered a question about what he thought about the ruling coalition that has undergone a shift in the power equation as a result of the return of the BJP with a much larger number of seats than the JD (U).

When asked about the possibility that the AIMIM MLAs meeting with Kumar will generate speculation about a political realignment in Bihar, he joked: “It is up to the media whether to make a mountain out of a grain of sand.”

It was pointed out to him that the Chief Ministers’ party has been making proposals to smaller players in an attempt to increase their strength and examples were cited from MLA who recently met with Kumar and have ended up siding with Kumar thereafter. field side of the NDA.

Zama Khan, the only BSP MLA in Bihar, last week merged his party with JD (U) while independent lawmaker Sumit Singh has pledged his full support for the Kumars government.

Additionally, the sole LJP MLA Raj Kumar Singh also met with Kumar earlier in the day and the development, which came just days after his visit to the residence of Kumars’ key assistant and minister of state, Ashok Choudhary, has fueled speculation that Matihani’s legislator might gravitate toward JD (U), rejecting his group leader, Chirag Paswan.

Iman said dismissively, “It is not my place to talk about what others are doing,” but added that “the prime minister’s residence is like a busy street where all kinds of processions pass.

“Legislators would continue to meet for various reasons. These may be related to party politics or their electoral districts.”

He also revealed that the AIMIM MLA, all of whom are chosen from the Muslim-dominated Seemanchal region, pointed to the problem of the regrettable infrastructure in the Kosi belt “where even now people have to travel 50 km or more to reach a bridge and cross river “.

“Even the prime minister was stunned when he learned of the situation on the ground. We hope that, given his stated commitment to development with justice, Seemanchal will get what he deserves,” he added.

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