‘Arrogant’ govt should withdraw farm laws immediately: Sonia Gandhi launches attack on Centre

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‘Arrogant’ government should withdraw agricultural laws immediately: Sonia Gandhi launches attack on Center

Launching a tough attack on the Center, Congress President Sonia Gandhi demanded on Sunday that the “arrogant” government should withdraw the new farm laws immediately and unconditionally. In a statement in Hindi, Gandhi said that governments and their leaders that ignore public sentiments in a democracy cannot rule for long and it is now quite clear that protesting farmers will not bow to the Center’s policy of “weariness and easy prey”.

“Since independence, this is the first government so arrogant that has come to power in the history of the country that, leaving the people alone, they cannot even see the sufferings and struggles of the annadatas,” Gandhi said. It seems that ensuring profits for a handful of industrialists has become the main agenda of this government, ”he alleged.

There is still time, Gandhi said, calling on the Modi government to “leave the arrogance of power” and immediately withdraw unconditionally the three black laws to end the agitation of peasants dying in the cold and rain. “This is Rajdharma and a true tribute to the farmers who have lost their lives. The Modi government should remember that democracy means protecting the interests of the people and the farmer-workers,” he said.

“Along with the people of the country, I am also concerned to see the condition of the annadatas who have been waving for 39 days on the borders of Delhi in the cold and rain in support of their demands,” said the President of Congress.

In the wake of government apathy, more than 50 farmers have so far lost their lives and some have even taken the step of committing suicide due to government negligence, he alleged.

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“But neither the ruthless Modi government gave in nor did the prime minister of any other minister utter a word of comfort until today. I pay my respects to all the deceased brother farmers and ask the Lord to give their families the strength to endure their pain, “Gandhi said.

Facing the cold, thousands of farmers, mainly from Punjab and Haryana, protest at various borders of the national capital for more than a month against these laws.

The government has presented these laws as major agricultural sector reforms aimed at helping farmers and increasing their incomes, but protesting unions fear that the new legislation will leave them at the mercy of large corporations by weakening the MSP and mandi systems.

After the sixth round of formal negotiations on Wednesday, the government and agricultural unions reached common ground to resolve the concerns of farmers protesting the increase in electricity rates and penalties for stubble burning, but both parties remained stagnant on the main contentious issues of the repeal. of three agricultural laws and a legal guarantee of minimum support price (MSP).

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