Praveen Kumar, Commanding Officer of 20 Rashtriya Rifles (ANI)

Army organises sports activities for orphan children in Srinagar – education

On Wednesday, the Indian army organized sports activities at the army public school in Srinagar for children from 50 orphanages in Kashmir and distributed warm clothes to them before the winter season.

Praveen Kumar, commander-in-chief (CO) of 20 Rashtriya (RR) rifles, said the children were confined to their orphanages due to COVID-19 for most of the year and called in for fun exercise.

“We also distributed the outerwear to these children last year, but this year we decided to call them here for this fun exercise. Due to COVID-19, most of the year they have been confined to their orphanages, so we think it would be a good exercise for them, ”he said.

He said the Army has provided these children with warm clothing for the coming winter.

“We also plan to take them to Gulmarg for a gondola ride. The goal is to expose these children to the world at large. We want to give them a normal life experience, ”he said.

The management, teachers and students of the orphanages thanked the Army for the programs and asked them to organize them more frequently.

“We enjoyed it very much. The Army made wonderful arrangements for us and we played a lot of games. We even won prizes. We hope they will organize more such programs for us,” said Muzammil Ahmed, a student.

Abdul Ahmed Sheikh, a teacher, said such events, if organized more frequently, will inspire children to join the Army and get the much-needed exposure that they could not otherwise afford.

“I am grateful to the army officers for calling our children here. These children are orphans and poor. They cannot afford to participate in such events on their own. This event has raised their morale. This has also inspired and may be inspired to join the Army in the future. Programs like this should be organized more frequently, ”Sheikh said.


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