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Appointments’ decision by DU VC Tyagi in compliance with norms: Varsity to Education Ministry – education

The power dispute at the University of Delhi escalated on Friday with Acting Registrar PC Jha reporting to the Education Ministry that recent decisions on crucial appointments made by Vice Chancellor Yogesh Tyagi comply with university team standards.

Intervening in the dispute between Vice Chancellor and Vice Chancellor PC Joshi on Thursday night, the ministry said that the appointments made by Tyagi were not “valid” because he is on leave.

Earlier in the day Thursday, controversy erupted when Tyagi removed Joshi as a pro-VC on Thursday and appointed Geeta Bhatt, director of the university’s Non-College Women’s Education Board, in his place. Meanwhile, Joshi had notified the appointment of a new registrar, Vikas Gupta, whose interview had been completed and the appointment authorized by the executive council on Wednesday. However, on the same day, Tyagi approved and notified the appointment of PC Jha as Acting Registrar and Director of the South Campus.

“The Vice Chancellor, Yogesh Tyagi, has made a decision in due compliance with the law, statutes and ordinances of the University of Delhi. It is reported that PC Jha, in addition to his responsibilities as Director, South Campus, also acts as Registrar as an interim arrangement. It is also reported that Geeta Bhatt has been appointed Pro VC instead of PC Joshi, ”Jha said in a letter to the ministry.

In her letter to the university registrar on Thursday, Birendra Kumar Singh, deputy secretary of the Ministry of Education, wrote that “orders issued by the vice chancellor during the period of absence for medical reasons without properly and officially joining the office are not valid and should not be attended by the university official ”.

In the future, if the vice-chancellor wishes to join the post, a certificate of adequate medical aptitude must be obtained from a competent authority that treated him, he said. “Pro VC PC Joshi will serve as vice chancellor during the term and all orders must be issued under the bylaws with his approval,” Singh said.


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