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Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the students and professors of the Muslim University of Aligarh on Tuesday on the occasion of the centennial celebrations, via video conference. He suggested that the students investigate the freedom fighters who were from AMU. He also invited the students to receive suggestions to achieve the goal of ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat’ and ‘New India’. He also said that everyone should think about the well-being of the nation before anything else. “Ideological differences are natural, but when it comes to the development of the nation, people from all sectors of society must come forward and work together. Politics can wait, but development cannot, ”he said.

Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin University Rector and Union Education Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank are also present on the occasion. AMU became a university in 1920, through an Act of the Indian Legislative Council elevating Mohammedan Anglo East (MAO) College to the status of Central University. The MAO College was created in 1877 by Sir Syed Ahmad Khan. AMU became a University in 1920, through an Act of the Legislative Council of India elevating Mohammedan Anglo East (MAO) College to the status of a Central University. MAO College was created in 1877 by Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, according to the PMO statement.

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Think of the national welfare first: PM

“You must think about the country and its well-being before doing anything. Politics is part of society. Politics can wait but the development of our country cannot. The people of India, the underprivileged and the poor should no longer wait for development. When the nation develops, people from all walks of life will enjoy it, ”said PM.

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Differences in ideologies are natural, but achieving national goals requires everyone’s contribution: PM

“Differences in ideologies are natural. But when it comes to achieving national goals, everyone must come forward together. PM Modi invited suggestions from AMU students to achieve the goal of ‘Vocal for Local’, New India, Aatmanirbhar Bharat. He also said that several AMU students had actively contributed to India’s freedom struggle, despite their differences in ideologies. Because the main objective of liberating India from the British was their priority, ”said PM.

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PM Suggests Students Research AMU Freedom Fighters

AMU students can research the freedom fighters who came from this university and prepare documentaries about them, PM suggested.

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The government is continuously working to increase the number of vacancies, universities in higher education: PM Modi

“The government is also continuously working to increase enrollment numbers and increase vacancies in higher education. In 2014, there were 16 IITs in our country. Today there are 23 IIT. In 2014 there were 9 IIITs in our country. Today there are 25 IIIT, in 2014 we had 13 IIM. Today there are 20 IIM. There were only 6 AIIMS until 2014. Today we have 22 AIIMS, ”said PM.

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The female enrollment rate at AMU has risen to 35%: PM

The Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) female enrollment rate has risen to 35%, which is commendable, the prime minister said.

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‘The dropout rate for Muslim girls was 70% due to the lack of toilets on the school campus’

Previously, the dropout rate for Muslim girls was 70% because there were no toilets on school campuses. With the construction of restrooms on school and college campuses, the dropout rate has dropped, PM said.

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All Indians benefit from government projects without any discrimination: PM

“The projects launched by the government are reaching all sectors of society without distinction of religion. Bank accounts of over 40 million poor rupees were opened without any discrimination. Without discrimination, more than 2 million poor people received pucca houses. More than 8 million women got gas without discrimination, PM said.

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AMU has strengthened India’s relationship with other countries: PM

Over the past 100 years, AMU has also worked to strengthen India’s relations with many countries around the world, Prime Minister Modi said.

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AMU actively contributed to our fight against the Covid-19 pandemic

“AMU actively contributed to our fight against the Covid-19 pandemic by providing free testing grounds and establishing isolation rooms and a plasma bank. The university has also contributed to the PM CARES fund. This shows their sense of responsibility towards the nation, ”said PM.

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PM Modi begins his speech to teachers, students of AMU

Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivers his speech to the teachers and students of the Muslim University of Aligarh on the occasion of the centennial celebrations via video conference.

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The direction of PM Modi will start shortly

Prime Minister Narendra Modi to begin his speech shortly


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