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AICTE not to provide equivalence of nomenclatures for different engineering, tech branches – education

The All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) will not provide nomenclature equivalences for different branches of engineering and technology for higher education or teacher recruitment purposes and it is the responsibility of the institution to serve these, the council said.

The technical education regulator had published in 2017 a notice in the bulletin about the main or central branches of engineering and their appropriate courses leading to the obtaining of a degree in Engineering or Technology for recruitment in teaching positions.

“Despite this, the council receives a large number of complaints from faculty members and requests from governments, Directorates of Technical Education (DTE) related to eligibility for teaching positions at AICTE-approved institutions,” said an order official.

“In view of the foregoing, it is to clarify that, AICTE will not provide equivalency to grades obtained from council-approved institutions and departments at any level for higher education purposes as well as for employment purposes. It is up to the employer to decide the suitability for a particular position in case of work purposes and it is up to the institution for higher studies in case of academic purpose, ”he added.

The council had notified in August that queries about equivalence or relevance of nomenclatures for different branches of engineering and technology for the hiring of teachers should be resolved at the state level. “The list includes all the nomenclatures that AICTE had approved for its operation in its institutions. However, it is outside the scope of AICTE to include and update from time to time the nomenclatures offered by various IITs, NITs, universities, since these institutions are empowered to initiate courses with the approval of their board of governors or academic council without the knowledge of AICTE ”, had said the member secretary Rajive Kumar. “Hence, making an exhaustive list of nomenclatures to give greater clarity is not practical for AICTE nor is it necessary,” he added.


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