After school students test positive, Bihar plans random testing in schools – education

Alarmed by the detection of Covid-19 infection in 25 students from a Munger school during a testing field and the principal of a Gaya school tested positive, the Bihar government department of education has now decided to undergo random tests. of students and teachers / staff from schools across the state.

At Lal Bahadur Shastri Kisan High School in Munger District’s Asarganj Block, 15 students, in addition to teachers and a laborer, were found to have tested positive on Thursday. All students are from class 9. As soon as the matter came to light, the civil surgeon requested the location of contacts, while the district administration ordered the closure of the schools.

Binodanand Jha, director of research and training for the education department, said the department has been working closely with the health department in this regard. “We have also asked the health department to randomly test students and teachers in schools. Wherever cases are found, schools should be closed immediately. We want schools to function, but there will be no leniency in following the Covid protocol, ”he added.

Jha said that so far, only one school has reported positive cases of Covid-19 among students. In Kilkari, an initiative for the creative development of children, a child was detected positive Covid-19 and the institution was closed. It was opened only after a thorough review and disinfection. The same must be continued in schools, “he added.

Amit Kumar, deputy head of the department, said that currently only one high school has reported out of the more than 8,000 that have been opened. “But the government has taken it very seriously. In regards to the affected Munger school, all the necessary steps according to the Covid protocol; they are being taken away and the school has been closed, ”he added.

Bihar’s schools and universities, which have been closed since March 2020 due to the pandemic, opened from January 4 by order of the government. As of Friday, the practical exams of the Bihar school examination board also started and thousands of students would take the exams in the coming weeks across the state.

The upgraded secondary school, Khijarsarai, below the Sariya block of the Gaya district, also had to close shortly after its opening, after the school principal found positive for Covid-19. The principal, admitted to a Patna hospital, informed the district education official (DEO) himself about his condition and feared that the infection would also spread to other teachers. He urged the DEO to close the school to prevent further spread. Also in Patna, some members of the District Program Officer (DPO) staff also tested positive.

What is significant is that both cases of Covid-19 spread have been reported in rural areas, where the spread of the infection is presumed to be less. After secondary school classes, the government also has to heed a call to open other schools from January 18, which would be a greater challenge.

In secondary schools, the government also launched a surprise inspection of academic activities from across the state on Thursday. During the inspection, officials will ensure that Covid-19 guidelines are strictly followed, which include only 50% student attendance on alternate days, social distancing, mask use, and hand washing, in addition to all other precautions. and required facilities.

After secondary school classes, the government also has to heed a call to open other schools from January 18. Board practical examinations have also been launched, which would require increased vigilance.


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