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51% TISS students not comfortable with online classes, 70% want campus to reopen: Survey – education

As universities across the country prepare to reopen their campuses after closure, nearly 70% of students at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Mumbai, want their campus to reopen soon.

Progressive Students’ Forum (PSF) conducted a survey, an initiative by TISS students to build a democratic and secular space on campus, to understand the impact of online classes on students.

Of the 549 students surveyed across all four campuses (Mumbai, Hyderabad, Tuljapur, Guwahati), only 28.8% said they were comfortable with online classes. More than half of the respondents said they weren’t comfortable with teaching online and the rest said they weren’t sure. Institute officials were not available for comment.

“In various parts of our country, the reopening of campuses is being discussed. In light of this, PSF decided to conduct a survey to find out the opinion of the general student body about the current mode of education and the reopening of the campuses, ”said a PSF member.

Most students (41%) said they wanted campuses to reopen for the next semester and 32% said the institute should reopen at the end of the current semester.

The institute closed its campuses in March following the Covid-19 outbreak and subsequent closure. Soon after, an online mode of instruction was adopted to continue classes.

While the institute has not yet announced any plans for the reopening, the PSF has written to TISS management based on the study’s findings. The PSF had suggested a gradual reopening of campuses, guidelines for attendance, and how to conduct classes while maintaining social distancing rules.

According to the PSF, students in the survey said that accommodation facilities such as shelters must be provided for all returning students. “To reduce congestion, a maximum of single rooms or no more than two students per room can be guaranteed. There have to be separate mandatory rooms for high risk groups, ”PSF said in his letter.


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