Education might continue online, but with lockdown and social distancing norms in place, students are losing out on socialization which can have an adverse effect of anxiety, depression or feelings of loneliness as well.

5 tips for students to enhance their productivity while studying at home – education

The pandemic has caused many disruptions in the lives of adults and students alike. Suddenly, parents find themselves juggling work from home and office at all times of the day. It can also be difficult for students to stay focused and motivated. Education can continue online, but with the lockdown and social distancing norms, students are losing socialization, which can have an adverse effect on anxiety, depression, or feelings of loneliness as well. Here are 5 tips on what students can do to increase their productivity and stay focused and motivated during this time.

Create a routine

The only thing that helped the students manage their day was a routine. They went to school for dedicated hours, then came home, ate lunch, played a sport, participated in some other activity, etc. His days were planned and prepared. Create a routine even at home and help students regain structure. Scheduling during school hours, homework, exercise hours and even social hours where they can meet few friends (with social distancing), and very important hours dedicated to food and a good night’s rest. Routine and structure will help students stay on top of their assignments, meet friends, and have something to look forward to.

Build a dedicated study place

Studies have shown that a person’s workspace can have an impact on their environment. When home and school merge into one, it is difficult for students to focus on their work. Dedicate a desk in a quiet corner of the house as your ‘school space’. This is where they attend their classes, complete assignments, etc. Make sure the desk is clean and tidy and also full of color so that it feels attractive and fun, not serious and boring. The environment you learn is very important. The most important thing is to make sure it is free from loud noises and distractions, such as people constantly passing by.

The right amount of exercise

Exercise is very important for children. An hour of exercise or movement in a day can have a significant impact on learning. Exercise stimulates chemical changes in the brain that help improve mood, thinking, and brain function. Even with the rules of social distancing, children can still get good exercise. You can practice yoga, jump rope, hula hoop, door exercises, dance, etc. These days there are a lot of people offering classes through zoom and other channels for students.

Adequate sleep

Studies have shown that children who regularly get adequate sleep have better attention, learning, memory, and overall mental and physical health. Make sure children get at least 8-10 hours of sleep a night, and younger children may need more. A good night’s sleep can help students focus better, enhancing their learning.

Build goals, objectives, and roadmaps

Having goals and objectives helps children to be prepared. Whether they are school related goals or personal goals, it is good for students to build them and then build a roadmap on how to achieve them. Knowing that they have an end goal and a method for reaching it will help students stay on track and also give them that burst of motivation when they start to achieve their goals. The satisfaction and confidence they gain from achieving the simplest goals will give them the momentum they need to build and achieve more difficult goals.

(The author Rohan Parikh is Managing Director of The Green Acres Academy. Opinions expressed here are personal).


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